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Type Sggrss 80 Double Container Transport Car.
Type Sggrss 80 Double Container Transport Car
Kampanjvara t.o.m. 2020-08-31
Pris: 741 kr/st
Pris: 824 kr/st


Type Sggrss 80 Double Container Transport Car

Sggrss 80, AAE | Gauge H0 - Article No. 47803

Prototype: Type Sggrss 80 (DB Type Sggrss 733) 6-axle double container transport car with articulation, for combined load service. Light gray basic paint scheme. Privately owned car for the firm AAE Cargo AG, CH-Baar, Switzerland, leased to BoxXpress, Hamburg, registered in Germany. Loaded with two 40-foot box containers. The car looks as it currently does in real life.


Completely new tooling for the type Sggrss 80 double container transport car.
Detailed construction chiefly of metal.
Used in container trains as unit trains for ocean harbor to interior service.
Containers are removable and can be stacked.

Model: The cars have prototypical partially open transport car floors constructed of metal, with striking fish belly design side sills. The trucks are type Y 25. Both transport car halves are mounted flexibly on the center truck. The underside of the transport car floors have separately applied brake lines and air tanks. There are folding crossover plates on the upper side of the transport car floors in the area of the articulation. There are separately applied handrails above the car ends and the switching hooks. The cars are loaded with two 40-foot box containers that can be removed. Length over the buffers 30.7 cm / 12-1/8". DC wheel set E700580.

Modern freight locomotives to go with these cars are the classes 152, 185, 189, or 193, and they can be found in the Märklin H0 assortment.

Other double container transport cars to form unit trains can be found under the Märklin item numbers 47800, 47801, and 47802 as well as the Trix item numbers 24800 and 24801.