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Godsvagnset 6 st German State Railroad Company (DRG) freight cars
Pris: 1 774 kr/st
Pris: 1 931 kr/st


Skala: H0 Era: II

Prototype: 6 different design German State Railroad Company (DRG) freight cars.
1 type Gltr Dresden Interchange Design high capacity boxcar. 1 type Om
Königsberg Interchange Design gondola with a brakeman's cab. 1 type O Nürnberg
Association Design gondola for coal. 1 beer refrigerator car with a high mounted
brakeman's cab, privately owned car painted and lettered for the brewery Erlanger
Erichbräu. 1 type K Wuppertal Association Design gondola with hatches and a
brakeman's cab. 1 type Rr Stuttgart stake car, Interchange Design with wood stakes.
The cars look as they did in the mid-Thirties.


All of the cars include authentic weathering and different car numbers.

Model: The Om Königsberg and O Nürnberg gondolas are loaded with real coal.
The stake car has a load of wood. All of the cars are authentically weathered
and have different car numbers. They are individually packaged. Total length
over the buffers approximately 66.5 cm / 26-3/16". DC wheel set for the beer
car 2 x 700270, for all of the other cars, per car 2 x 700580.