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Ellok German Federal Railroad (DB
Ellok German Federal Railroad (DB
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39411 Electric Locomotive


Era: V
Attribute: Digital
Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) class 141. B-B wheel arrangement. Locomotive as it looked in Era V with 3 lamps, Klatte cooling grills, and without a continuous rain gutter.
Model: The locomotive has an mfx digital decoder and the new controlled, compact design Softdrive Sine high-efficiency propulsion. 4 axles powered. 2 traction tires. The locomotive has separately applied metal grab irons. The engineer's cabs have interior details. There are separately applied roof walks. The triple headlights are maintenance-free, warm white LED's and the dual red marker lights are maintenance-free LED's. They change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The electric locomotive operating sounds with the "firecracker" sound, the lights at the ends of the locomotive, and the acceleration and braking delay can be controlled digitally with the 6021 Control Unit or with Märklin Systems. The whistle sound and the sound of squealing brakes can be controlled digitally with Märklin Systems. The buffer beams are well detailed. The locomotive has NEM coupler pockets and a close coupler mechanism. Length over the buffers 18.0 cm / 7-1/16".

  • Completely new tooling for the popular class 141.
  • Highly detailed metal body correct for the era.
  • Headlights with warm white LED's.
  • Softdrive Sine high-efficiency propulsion.
  • Realistic electric locomotive sound.

 The class 141 is the perfect push/pull locomotive to go with the "Silberlinge / Silver Coins" commuter cars that are also coming out in 2008 as new tooling.