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37258 Ångdriven rälsbuss Kittel typ SNCF

"SNCF ""Kittel"" Steam RlCar"
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37258 Ångdriven rälsbuss Kittel typ SNCF

37258 Ångdriven rälsbuss Kittel typ SNCF

Skala: H0    Era: III

Ångdriven rälsbuss Kittel typ SNCF, ser ut som den gjorde runt 1949/1950, mfx digitaldekoder, drivning på 2 axlar, ljusväxling i färdriktingen, underhållsfria LED lampor, många separat monterade detaljer, längd över buffertar 13 cm

Prototype: French State Railways (SNCF) "Kittel" design steam powered rail car, road number XDR 10103. "Bottle Green" basic paint scheme. The unit looks as it did around 1949/1950.
Model: The rail car has an mfx digital decoder. It has a controlled miniature can motor. The frame is constructed of die-cast metal. 2 axles powered. The dual headlights change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation, and can be controlled digitally. The headlights are maintenance-free warm white LEDs. The rail car has an NEM coupler pocket. It also has many separately applied details. There is a full view through the engineer's area, and there is a reproduction of the boiler. Length over the buffers 13 cm / 5-1/8".

Station 2
Headlight(s) · · · ·
Direct control · · · ·


  • Prototypical tooling changes to the roof and the bearing sides for the rear axle.

One-time series.
Thirteen powered rail cars survived World War II. Nine remained in the West Zones; of them seven units were retired over the course of 1949. In 1950, the German Federal Railroad still had two rail cars on its roster: the DT 1 (former road number 1000) and the DT 8 (former road number 1007). The latter hung on tenaciously and was still used in push/pull service until the end of 1953 on the Baden route Müllheim - Neuenburg. It was put in storage on January 2, 1954 and was retired on March 3, 1954. Powered rail cars DT 2, 3, and 9 (former road numbers 1001, 1002, and DW 15) remained after 1945 with the SNCF. The first two rail cars worked until 1956 under the designations XDR 10.102 and 10.103 in Mulhouse as powered rail cars for crews. The former DT 6 (former road number 1005) came on to the roster of the DR in 1949 as DT 151 after nationalization of the Oderbruch Railroad; it remained in storage and was scrapped in November of 1957 in Frankfurt/Oder. One Kittel powered rail car delivered to Switzerland is still preserved there in operational condition.
This model can be found in a DC version in the Trix H0 assortment under item no. 22258.