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Ånglok med tender German State Railroad Company (DRG)
Sommarkampanj till låg låga priser. t.o.m. 2018-08-31
Pris: 3 869 kr/st
Pris: 4 837 kr/st

37054 Steam Locomotive with a Tender


Era: II
Attribute: Digital
Prototype: German State Railroad Company (DRG) class 59 freight locomotive. Former Royal Württemberg State Railways (K.W.St.E.) class K. Road no. 59 004 from photos by Carl Bellingrodt.
Model: The locomotive has an mfx digital decoder, controlled propulsion, and a sound generator. It also has a powerful motor with a bell-shaped armature, built-into the boiler. The locomotive has a frame with axles with side play for negotiating sharp curves. 6 axles powered. 4 traction tires. There is an adjustable close coupling between the locomotive and the tender. The locomotive has a detailed engineer's cab, and a figure of a locomotive engineer and a fireman are included. The locomotive has free-standing lamps with built-in LED's. A 7226 smoke generator can be installed in the locomotive. The headlights and the smoke generator contact will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. Steam locomotive operating sounds, a whistle sound, and the acceleration and braking delay can be controlled digitally with a 6021 Control Unit or with Märklin Systems. Additional sound functions can be controlled digitally with Märklin Systems. Brake hoses and prototypical couplers can be installed on the buffer beam. Length over the buffers 23.5 cm / 9-1/4". A suitable collector's display case made of wood and glass comes with the locomotive, and a reproduction of a photo by the Master of a prototype serves as a backdrop for the case.

  • "Carl Bellingrodt Edition 3".
  • Suitable collector's display case for each model in the edition.
  • Controlled high-efficiency propulsion with a can motor with a bell-shaped armature.
  • Light function: headlights.
  • Sound functions: steam locomotive operating sounds, whistle, bell, brakes, air, steam, coal...
  • Super detailing.

One-time edition in a limited series (model 3 of 5).