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Ellok "Veolia Transport" class 185
Vinterkampanj till låg låga priser. t.o.m. 2018-01-31
Pris: 850 kr/st
Pris: 1 091 kr/st

36838 Electric Locomotive


Era: V
Attribute: Digital
Prototype: "Veolia Transport" class 185 general-purpose locomotive. Dual system locomotive.
Model: The locomotive is constructed of metal with many cast-in details. The total design of the locomotive is ideal for model railroad operation. It has a digital decoder and a special can motor. 4 axles powered through cardan shafts. 2 traction tires. The triple headlights are maintenance-free LED's, they change over with the direction of travel, will work in conventional operation and can be controlled digitally. The acceleration and braking delay can be controlled with a 6021 Control Unit or Märklin Systems. The locomotive has 2 pantographs that can be raised and lowered manually (they are not wired to take power from the catenary). Length over the buffers 21.7 cm / 8-9/16".