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Ånglok 'Hogwarts ExpressTM'
29950 Ånglok 'Hogwarts ExpressTM'
Pris: 2 244 kr/st
Pris: 2 805 kr/st


Gauge: H0   
Prototype: Express locomotive

Model: Locomotive comes with a digital decoder and a large headlight on the front. Headlight will work in conventional operation (transformer) and can be switched off in digital operation

Hogwarts ExpressTM" is the name of the train waiting for Harry Potter at Kings Cross Station. The Platform 9 3/4, however, is only accessible to wizards like Harry. The model railway with the elegant steam locomotive and the classic compartment coaches is an important connection between Harry"s world and the world of non-magic folk. The model trains are authentically and lovingly modelled from the train shown in the film. The play surface with themes from the stories is a suitable environment. Hence, the "Hogwarts ExpressTM" as a model on H0 track accompanies the adventures of Harry Potter - to experience a new dimension of fantasy and excitement.