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170909 Natursten brytsten

Natursten brytsten ockra 350 g
170909 Natursten brytsten ockra 350 g

Pris: 225 kr/st
170909 Natursten brytsten

170909 Natursten brytsten

Skala: H0, N

170905 Natursten brytsten ockra 350 g

Förimpregnerat och skräddarsytt brytsten för att skapa naturliga stenmurar.

Natural stone, Quarried stone, ochre, 350 g

Preimpregnated and tailored quarry stones for creating natural stonewalls.
The individual elements can be affixed with the assistance of the neoprene glue or the modelling stone paste.
The modelling sandstone paste is also suitable as a joint sealer.
An additional surface impregnation is not necessary due to the impregnation of the stones.

Manufacturing instructions
Sufficient for approx. 0.1 sqm
Surface is impregnated for outdoors.
Use our modelling sandstone paste as glue and at the same time as a joint sealer.
Processing temperature +10°C to +35°C

Model layout construction